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    Why do extensions appear in Ext Mgr, specifically for (2014) but fail to appear in the Extension menu in th program itself?

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      I know that many (most?) extensions are no longer supported in 2014 program, but it's not really possible to tell what's compatible and what's not from the add-ons descriptions.  The Ext Mgr lists which extensions are downloaded and enabled for each app (PS CC, AI CC, PS CC2014, etc.).  The extensions listed are different for each app.  So, one would expect extensions listed for a given app to work there and show up in the extensions menu so they can be used.  This is not the case.  My Ext Mgr shows a number of extensions for PS CC 2014 that are NOT, apparently, available in that app.  (This list is different from the PS CC list, which shows only things that are useable.) 


      Why is this?  and how can one tell what will work in 2014 and what will not?  Will some old add-ons be updated eventually to work with new apps?


      I have asked this question elsewhere, in conjunction with another discussion, but have not received any response.  I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who understands what's happening here.  Thanks.