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    Adding "Multiple" Watermarks to photos via batch

    Rowby Level 1

      Hello  Using Photoshop CS5 - Windows
      I know how to put watermarks on photos.  However for this project I am in a situation where.....
      1)  The same watermark logo needs to appear on all photos, bottom right.

      2)  Selected photos will have additional text added "Copyright 2014 Photographer Jane Doe".  Bottom left.

      #2 will change depending on who took the photos.  There will usually be about 20 -30 photos taken by an individual photographer, so I'd like to do a batch for each photographer -- their name in text on flush left (with 30 pixels padding  left and bottom of the text) and the generic logo the same flush right  (with 30 pixels padding  right and bottom of the logo)

      Again I would like to do this in a batch, keeping in mind that images will be different sizes.

      Can this be automated/batched in Photoshop? Or other program/ utility?

      I suppose I could always run the batch twice, once for the logo and once for the photographer, but would rather have it in one step -- and at the same time allowing for different size (width / height) of the assorted photos.