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    Not sure how to explain this LOL

      I was wondering if its possible to have a packaged Flash file (either SWF or EXE) and be able to write code in a text box such as _root.createMovieClip.... etc... then have that code RUN on the stage... is this possible? is there anything in Flash that will allow you to do it, or is all ActionScript have to be packaged internally?
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          Rothrock Level 5
          All Actionscript code has to be compiled to bytecode for the Flash player/plug-in to understand it. Therefore you would have to have a "compiler" to change:


          into bytecode. Or you would need to have some kind of interpreter break down the text, parse it and then use functions you've already built into the SWF/EXE that would "execute" the commands.

          Whatever it is that you are thinking about, it probably isn't feasible.