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    Transform Text to Image?

    straightlife Level 1

      I'm asking this question also on the Acrobat forum.

      I'm submitting a pdf to a vendor (bookbaby) to be converted to epub.


      Previous submissions mangled captions on photos, separating them from photos, mixing them up with text.

      I've been informed that if I include the captions as PART of the photos, they won't be searchable, but they WILL then remain fixed with the photos (plus changing fonts, font sizes, won't affect them).


      How can I turn the caption text into image so that it won't be confused with regular text?

      Can I do it in Adobe Acrobat, or must I do it in Indesign before I export it to Acrobat?


      Thanks for any help  (and don't ask why I don't try to do an epub myself. I've tried. It's a can of worms with all 87 images I've got.)