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    Search functionality in Robohelp 11 Webhelp out put is not functioning


      Hi all,

      Greetings to everyone.

      Recently, my company has upgraded from Robohelp 9 to Robohelp 11. When we are generating webhelp output, the search functionality is not working. When we try to enter a word in the search box, it is not performing any search or it is displaying an messages stating , 'void'.

      Is it s a bug which needs to be fixed or is there any other issues causing this problem.


      I have checked the contents inside the  Whxdata  folder. I have the following JS files.



      Is there any JS files missing. I have also checked the sample projects that is shipped along with RH11 - Employee Care. I tried to generate the webhelp from those projects as well. However, the search function is not working. We have reinstalled the software as well. However there is no fix.


      Let me know if there is any fix for it.



      Parag Deb