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    Illegal characters in topic file names

    charlesarnold Level 1

      I imported vintage MS Word files (dating from the early 90s) in to RoboHlep HTML. The topics generated correctly, but some of the characters in the the file names converted incorrectly, and are not recognized inside the program and the links to these topics are dead.

      The most common glitches:

      - The EN dash converts to an underscore, e.g. _–_ appears on the disk as ___
      - The apostrophe converts to Æ

      The Topic list shows the correct characters. But since they don't agree with the physical file names, RoboHelp marks the icon with an "X".

      What's the best way to correct his situation, if you have hundreds of topics to deal with?

      I search for a solution without success. I can't believe that no one has encountered this issue before.

      Best regards,

      Charles Arnold
      MetLife DI
      Tampa, Florida

      I found a utility call "Rename" by on an Adobe web site, but it generated DLL conflict in my computer.

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          Linux Rules Level 2
          Hello Charles -

          Are you posting to the correct forum? I ask because you posted that you're importing into RoboHelp HTML - this is the WebHelp forum. However, your situation can also occur with WebHelp. The problem is the Word files used Microsoft extended characters, the so-called "Smart" characters but that was dumb to use for anything that is converted to HTML. Do a mass search and replace for the "Stupid" quote, apostrophy and EN-dash and correct them to true HTML valid characters.


          See: http://tatumweb.com/typerat/ansirodent.htm