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    Looking to hire for a simple Captivate 8 template for young children

    dowbright Level 1

      I need only a few of the pages that are in the usual templates. Most are unworkable for my purposes.


      I need the questions to be audio rather than written. I need the font much, much larger.


      I present a small video chunk of teaching. The next slide checks if the child got it, with AUDIO instructions or questions, not the written ones that the templates offer. For now, I don't need to go into following paths. i want it very simple. I would use drag and drop, matching, and acclerometer (?sp?). The adult way most others are set up don't work for my audience, unless you could adapt them.


      I don't have time to learn this whole thing and figure it out. i need someone to create it, and then i would duplicate and replace words and audio, AFTER you've taught me how to do so.


      Do you know anyone who could help me with this? Or could you?


      I doubt I'm allowed to leave an email address here, so...let me know here!