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    Creative Cloud not opening or working at all - totally unresponsive.


      Has been installed and working for months before this. Suddenly decides to not work - on the same day the iMove decides to auto-update and then constantly error, putting that out of operation, on the ONE DAY i EVER need to edit a video. Simple, too! I just need to string together 4 clips. no editing or anything.

      How do i fix this?

      Is anyone else finding this issue?


      I am on a Macbook Pro running mavericks, updated to current release.

      It has Creative cloud has been working fine for a few months even though i haven't used it in about a month.

      Extremely annoyed. Is there another quick, free program I can download to string 4 videos together one after another until this can be fixed?


      thankyou!!! Please help!!!! job relies on this. need it fixed IMMEDIATELY in the next few hours!