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    shared library and preloader problem

      Hi everybody.
      I have a problem. Hope somebody can help me out.

      I'm working on a portfolio website where each section is a separate swf file. (link to the site is at the end of the message). A lot of items I use are accessed through shared library (each item is set to export in frame one).

      I have used a basic preloader on every section with the following code:
      if (_framesloaded==_totalframes) {
      gotoAndPlay("main", 1);
      } else {
      gotoAndPlay("preloader", 1);

      Whats happening is that the sections take a lot of time to load. And when you load them the first time the preloader doesn't start. Instead you get a blank window. It seems its loading everything together.
      How can I make the preloader show up?

      Here's the link.