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    passing variables to flash movie

      i discussed this in another forum that went dead and off topic, i still haven't solved my issue.

      i have a movie with is loaded with a preloader, an animation, and last frame is the final layout with a menu. what i'm trying to do is on the index page i want the movie to play from start to finish. on pages after that other links of the website, i want it to go straight to the last frame, WITHOUT reloading the movie into cache again.

      So far i've done this with a variable passed to the movie, (movie.swf?isIndex=1), the movie checks if this is set to value 1, if so gotoAndPlay(lastFrame);

      and this works, because on index it plays the whole movie when, on pages i've given it that isIndex value, it goes to the lastFrame frame label, BUT it reloads the entire movie again. (because it detects another variable value and things it needs to reload the whole movie)

      my problem: how do i tell it different? how can i make this movie load once, and on different pages, make it play from last page.

      PS: anchor doesn't work.