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    Shockwave Flash Object for all users




      I installed Flash Player for Windows for IE with the install_flash_player_14_active_x.msi downloaded.

      I used the local Administrator login and execute this command line : msiexec.exe -i"install_flash_player_14_plugin.msi" /qn /l*v C:\Outils\Explot\Log\Flash.log

      All is good in the log file.

      All is good in my IE11 manage add-ons window.


      All is good when I went to the URL : Adobe - Flash Player


      But ...


      If I logoff and login with a different user account, myIE11 manage add-ons window don't show the Shockwave Flash Object anywhere, and the about URL doesn't show the version.


      What can I do to enable Flash Player for all my users (They are poor users and don't want to install anything and don't have rigths to do that !) ?


      Thank you for your help.