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    Most of my apps have been upgraded to CC 2014 from CC - is this correct?

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      The cloud icon on my toolbar disappeared yesterday so I looked in the discussion groups at what to do and found out that somebody had the same problem and just restarted their computer and that the cloud icon reappeared. I did this and the same happened for me. Great.


      Then I noticed that most, but not all of my apps, were due to be updated and I proceeded to download them as instructed. Most, but not all of the apps, were upgraded to CC 2014 versions e.g. Adobe Photoshop CC (Ps) to Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (Ps 2014). Is this correct or has something gone wrong? I now have two icons for most of my app in my Launchpad - should I delete the CC icon in each case to leave the CC 2014 version? Should I then go on to use the uninstaller for each CC program located: Applications>Utilities>Adobe Installers>Uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS for example?


      Many Thanks


      David Perkins

      (Brighton UK)