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    Submit Button

      I guess I do not know how to explain this very well so here goes again.
      I have a simple form it only ask for the name, email, and comments.
      I use Webhost4life to host my web site. I do not know what this line of script should look like and they say they do nodo programing?
      All I need is to find out how to make the submit button work.
      Is this the line that needs to be changed and how?
      I have attached the full action script if it is needed
      Thanks in advance
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          ggshow Level 2
          my_lv.send("/CGI/forms/contactForm.asp"," _blank","POST");

          you have a wrong value as highlighted above,

          the 2nd parameter for LoadVar.send() is "target",
          It is "target object", but it is not "target window",

          it should be a LoadVar object name, but not _blank...
          it should be something like this: