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    How do I use mono and 1 spot colour for print, where the spot colour applies to an element, rather than the whole image?


      I am struggling to work with spot colours, using scanned images edited in Photoshop for use in InDesign to then go to print.

      We print to two plates to save money for our publication. In this case magenta and black.

      I could use the spot colour mode but that works with curves and I only want a certain part magenta. Imagine a business card with a gloss finish where I only want to apply it to certain part ie the name of the employee, using a curve would match a certain shade therefore this method would be unsuitable.

      I have also tried using channels, one grayscale and one magenta, but using the file types either InDesign bugs or it comes out in mono.

      It isn't possible to recreate the logo in InDesign, if only it was this easy...

      If someones already discussed this, I can't find it, but if someone could point me in the right direction—I'd be very grateful!


      Using Photoshop CS4, InDesign CS4. Access to Adobe Cloud at home...