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    Using buttons to add and/or remove fields


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      Hello all!


      I really need some help here. I'm making a form in LiveCycle ES Design 8.2. I can't seem to get my buttons to work like I want them to. I need to be able to hit the plus sign and have the form add another field for more issues and concerns. The minus sign already works to remove a field. I just can't seem to get it to add the next field/bullet point. As well. I can't seem to get the field to grow as the text increases. In that regard, I was hoping for some sort of wrap text feature. Currently, the text just keeps on going.... or if I hit enter towards the end of the field, it creates a scroll bar on the right rather than just expanding the field to accommodate for the text. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!



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          Magus069 Level 4

          Please can you show me your code for the + button, how do you add an instance? And also can you provide a picture of your hierarchy.


          To get a field expandable you must set 3 different properties to make it work fine:

          1. Object Palette -> 'Check' Allow Multiple Lines

          2. Object Palette -> Field Format -> 'Choose' Rich Text

          3. Layout Palette -> Size & Position - > Height -> 'Check' Expand to fit