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    EPUB file won't open in Apple iBooks

    haley_e_2013 Level 1

      Hi all!


      I'm creating ebooks for a client using InDesign CC and she reports that the most recent EPUB I've created for her won't open in iBooks. As I don't own a smartphone or tablet I can't error-test on my end, but if you can think of anything that would lead to this error please let me know! I can't think of anything I've done differently in creating the EPUB, so maybe it's an issue with a recent CC or iBooks update? Has anyone else had this problem recently? The other ebooks I've made for her open fine.


      Her report on what happened: "when I go to my downloads folder and double click the file -- it opens the book shelf in ibooks and shows that the file is there but it has no cover. When i double click the book the program doesnt do anything. it doesnt open."