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    CFX and CFHTTP performance


      I have an ecommerce application that sends out information to CC processors to validate a credit card. One processor uses a cfx tag, and another uses xml via a cfhttp post. My problem is that if the requests hang or timeout, my servers performance significantly degrades. I have timeouts set on both methods, and each request is wrapped in a cflock. However it seems that if i get 5-10 timeouts at a given time, CF starts to crawl.. Are there any tips or settings to improve this? My first idea was to put those requests in an event gateway..

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          I would suggest to read CFHTTP documentation.

          secondly use result = "httpResult" attributes

          <cfset httpResult = "" />
          <cfhttp............ result = "httpResult" />
          <cfset httpResult = "" />

          objSystem = CreateObject( "java", "java.lang.System" ) ;
          objSystem.gc() ;

          I had similar issue, just try to calling GC works for me.
          Important you have to take care of local scope and variables scope if you are using CFC.