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    URGENT - I give a trainee soon - Impossible to update CS6 and now impossible to lauch CS5.5




      Big problem with updates. I spent many hours to try maninupulations with other adobe forums, but nobody understand or find a solution.  Here after links of forum conversations + Impossible to launch CS5.5 (since today)


      Re: Impossible to install updates

      Re: Impossible to install updates - CS6 - Windows 7


      Resume of the problem and manipulations :


      I can't install updates for adobe design and webpremium CS6. Actual version : CS6 (


      I tried this :


      1/ Through the Help menu

      2/ Manual updaters at :


      Adobe - Digital Publishing Suite : For Windows

      Adobe - DPS Desktop Tools : For Windows

      Adobe - InDesign : For Windows


      => No problem to install updates on CS5.5,  but not on CS6


      3/  In safe mode


      What's happened when trying : I get any error message. The Adobe Application Manager window is  empty and when I try to update with the software a window opens with the following message "recherche de mises à jour..." or "checking for updates..." but nothing... I wait and wait...


      Thank you for your help,