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    Will PS continue to work after 1 year if I pay the full year subscription cost and do not renew? E.G. Do I own the version of the software I purchased if I elect not to renew my subscription?


      The newer subscription policy has me skeptical.  Is there still an option to buy the latest version of PS that I will own regardless of what I choose to do regarding renewing my subscription?  From what I have read, the software will continue to work as long as you keep paying the subscription,  which seems a large and very open ended stipulation to be able to access the software at any given time.  I may not use it for months,  but need to know I have access to it if needed even if I chose not to continue past the 1 yr subscription fee.  In this economy, I cannot be the only one asking this question,  but I am not seeing relative questions / answers anywhere.