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    Grrrr colors not matching

      After reading and rereading the previous threads regarding matching the Kuler colors to the colors in Illustrator I still am not making any progress. The colors aren't even close to matching up.

      I've used my MonacoOptixXR to calibrate and recalibrate my PC's monitors with a gamma of 2.2. I'm using N.A. Prepress2 as my color setting. Please, any other suggestions on what to try next would be appreciated.
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          Ann_Shelbourne Level 1
          Are you working on a CMYK document?

          The RGB colors that you see in Kuler cannot necessarily be reproduced in 4-color Process inks.

          The colors that you will see when using downloaded .ase swatches in a CMYK document show a replication of the nearest colors to your Kuler (RGB) colors that can be obtained when printing with Process INKS on the kind of Press (Web-offset on coated stock) that is referenced by your chosen "N.A. Prepress 2" Profile.

          [ This is a perfect example of the reason that I am suggesting that Adobe should remove the CMYK values shown on the Kuler site because virtually all web browsers are showing RGB colors in UNmanaged color space and the indicated CMYK values are meaningless. ]
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            MeeshaM Level 1
            Thank you Ann. I think they should canonize you (at least on this forum).

            I'm pretty much a novice with Illustrator and didn't realize the default was CMYK for a new document. Damn that was a frustrating process trying to figure it out. Sure glad you're around here to help out us noobs :)

            At least I got my monitors recalibrated after several months of neglect!
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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              If not canonization, how about Color Management Guru designation? :-)
              Thanks again, Ann!
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                Ann_Shelbourne Level 1
                CMGD would be a lot easier to live with — having to polish a halo daily would become tiresome very quickly!

                However, I am just happy that I was able to help.

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                  Lydia_Varmazis Level 1
                  Hi MeeshM,

                  You can easily change the default color space in Adobe Illustrator CS3/CS2 by going to the File Menu-->Document Color Mode-->RGB Color.

                  In AICS3 specifically, you can open a document with an RGB Document Profile or create your own.
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                    Lydia_Varmazis Level 1
                    Hi Anne,

                    Regarding the CMYK in kuler, there a number of Adobe customers who still working in print workflows where color management and color specification is done "by the numbers"—in CMYK.

                    In addition, Adobe Illustrator CS3 customers can both download and upload kuler themes from within the desktop application to the web site. If they are either working in CMYK or creating themes in CMYK, it wouldn't make sense to convert their themes to RGB or any other colorspace.

                    kuler in on-line color community everyone. Although some its functionality may be more optimal for web color workflows, its focus is for anyone who wants to explore, create and share color themes regardless of colorspace.

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                      Ann_Shelbourne Level 1

                      What you need to understand is how the CONVERSION from the RGB colors (which is what you see on your monitor) and the percentages of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink (which will eventually hit the paper on a printing press) is being handled.

                      Kuler is using a LUT for the conversion from RGB to CMYK which will bear no relationship to the conversion formula which your color settings in Photoshop or Illustrator will employ.

                      Obtaining the optimum CMYK values (to give you the closest match in PRINTED INKS to the colors that you see on your screen) is entirely dependent on the accuracy and suitability of the specific CMYK Profile that you have selected (in your Adobe program's Color Settings) for your particular Press conditions.

                      That is why it only makes sense for you to download Kuler colors as RGB values and do the conversion to CMYK on your OWN computer using the CMYK color space which YOU have specified.

                      Going "by the numbers" makes absolutely no sense if you are not taking GCR, UCR, UCA, Black Generation and Total Ink issues into consideration.

                      I strongly suggest that you should buy a copy of Bruce Fraser's "Real World Photoshop CS2" and study the chapters on Color Management in order to gain a better understanding of this extremely complex subject.