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    Can I Set Pres10 Video Express Project Location?

    Rezu Level 1



      Win7... Pres10 Video Express


      In Pres9 Video Creator you could set the path to where you wanted the video project files to live.


      There does not appear to be this option with Pres10 Video Express, correct?





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          AJIT_M Adobe Employee

          Hi There,


          In Presenter 10 Video Express, when you close the project then it will prompt to save it and it will get saved to by default location  C:\Users\ User account\Documents\My Adobe Presenter Video Projects and you cannot change that location.


          You can also publish your project to your Computer by clicking on Publish and it will get published to the C:\Users\ User account\ Documents\ My Adobe Presenter Video Projects Published and you cannot change that location as well while publishing to your computer but after publishing your output then you can move the published output folder to the location where you want to place the output.




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            Just found this article, as I am experiencing very slow response times when saving / opening my Video Express Projects.

            Unfortunately, it is our Company policy that our "My Documents" folders are located on a synchronized Network drive, which leads to a very mixed experience.


            It would therefore be great to be able to determine the location of my Projects myself.