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    Excel Formula in Script?




      Column  (F2) is called Gross (header)

      1.1 is the multiplier of the Gross

      G2 is where the customer fills in the %


      So it is Gross times 1.1 times the %


      VERY NEW here

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          MatLac Level 3

          in the properties of your result field, you should first set it to read only.  Then move to the calculate tab.  In the first box, you can create easy calculation formulas by selecting which fields you want to be multiplied toghether.  For that, you will need to create a static 1.1% multiplier field if you want to be able to select it from the list.


          In the case you don't want the mutliplier to show on your form, you can use the second box where you input calculation in simple notation.  Please note that the name of your fields musn't hold any "." to do that.  Simple notation would be kind of like excel:  field*field*1.1


          The last resort is the third box where you are free to use whatever code you like for more complicated calculations.  I think your OK with one of the two other options.

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            DebDobson Level 1

            Thank you so much, another day another lesson!