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    Indesign doesn't sync Kuler themes


      Kuler doesn't sync themes with Indesign CC 2014.


      So far, I've tried:

      • sign out / sign in
      • syncing themes from Illustrator CC 2014 does work.
      • reinstalled Indesign CC 2014, even deleted both Indesign CC and CC 2014 before reinstalling it.
      • created a new theme within Indesign and tried to load it up. => landing on a Kuler website that shows my User ID (I guess that confirms that I'm logged in) but shows me a big 404 error (nice green one on a dark background...) in the top center of the page
      • Indesign CC (without 2014) doesn't sync either...
      • tried if traffic gets blocked
      • tried it on a different machine (both Macs, one running Mavericks, one running Mountain Lion)


      So far, nothing has worked for me.


      Has anyone else made this experience?