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    .htm parse by the coldfusion. --Problem

    Pritesh patel
      Hi All,
      Right now I am facing the tedious problem with .htm mapping with .cfm.
      I have a dedicated server on which I am running two different CFML site.
      For one project I need to map .htm, .html file as .cfm file for that I have made modification in WEB.XML file as well as IISConnector.bat.
      It's working fine.. My first site .htm is executed by CFML/jrun.exe.
      But the problem is my second site in which I dont want to map .htm page Its also executed by CFML and It is creating lots of problem.

      Is there any way setting mapping of .htm file for particular site only.
      In IIS site I havn't configure .htm,.html for my site.

      Is there any global setting in IIS which will reflect on all the of the server..

      Can anybody do for me? It really urgent..
      Thanks in advance