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    How do I get basic shortcuts installed in InDesign


      My company swapped out my old Mac for a newer one and I have found that the InDesign program has absolutely no shortcuts. It's driving me mental - I can't work without save, copy, paste, etc.


      I first tried to reset the preferences by using shift, command, option, control before starting the program, but that didn't help.


      Then, I uninstalled and reinstalled the software. That did nothing.


      When I go to user > Name > Library > preferences > Adobe InDesign > Version 7.5 > en_US  I have the following items: Color Settings, CompositeFont, InDesign Defaults, Scripts, Workspaces.


      When I go to edit > Keyboard Shortcuts it's empty. And I can't select anything. There are no Sets. But I'm assuming this isn't what I want - I don't need to make fancy shortcuts for myself, I just need the basics.


      What am I missing or what do I need to do?