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    InDesign CS5 missing plug-in errors?


      InDesign CS5 suddenly won't open ANY document I've created using this very same version software throughout the last few years.

      Error message states sharedcontentplan plug-in is missing. Then I got other plug-ins missing messages.

      Now I get no error message, I click to open a file I JUST CREATED, the screen does a quick flash like the file is opening, then nothing opens. Sometimes I can open a file created a few years back (which was created ON this MAC with this same version of InDesign). When I go to save it says it can't save the doc, then InDesign crashes on me.

      I used a trial period of CS6 in order to complete a commission, but now I'm stuck. I cannot afford to upgrade to CS6 at this time, and frankly I shouldn't have to. Are there plug ins I can update at no charge?

      PLEASE HELP, this is critical