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    Color Space Ram Preview

    Takasaurus Level 1

      Yet another problem seems to have arisen with the new CC 2014.


      When I try to do a RAM Preview even of a small section at lower rez the RAM Preview will not play back in real time and the audio is way off.


      I get a note saying that "Color Work Space is on"  which indeed it is.  If I go into Project settings and switch Color Workspace to "None" my RAM Previews play perfectly.


      In previous versions of AE including CC this was never an issue.  Playbacks were fine even with a Colorspace and Linear workspace chosen.


      Has anyone else had this problem?  Is there a solution other than having to manually turn off my Color Workspace every time I want to do a quick RAM Preview?





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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          What is the current setting of the Color Management Quality preference in the Previews pane of the Preferences dialog box?

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            Takasaurus Level 1

            More Accurate Except for RAM Preview


            I've tried the "Faster" option as well but I have the same issue.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Do you still have After Effects CC (12.2.1) installed on the same computer? If so, can you do a comparison between After Effects CC (12.2.1) and After Effects CC 2014 (13.0) with the same composition and same preferences to determine for certain that there is a slowdown that is specific to the new version?

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                Navarro Parker Level 3

                I've always had this problem going back to at least CS5. I've never gotten realtime RAM Preview with color management on.


                But you can toggle color management display on/off a little easier by going here:


                Color Management is still turned on (as well as your linear blending), but you can temporarily tell AE not to pipe it through your viewport with this command. AFAIK, it's still internally calculating color management at render time even if this is turned off.


                Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 4.20.51 PM.png

                Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 4.20.46 PM.png

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                  Takasaurus Level 1

                  Cool.  That does make things a little easier.  Thanks.

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                    Takasaurus Level 1

                    I did a test on both versions.  Same settings and preferences (as far as i can tell)   Works fine on CC.  Doesn't work on CC2014. I have to go to half res in CC2014 or turn off Color Workspace to go full res.


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                      Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                      Takasaurus, can you be more specific about the RAM preview playback speeds you're getting with Display Color Management enabled?


                      For example, on my MacBook Pro, RAM previewing a 23.976 5K R3D comp at 32bpc in full resolution with color management enabled, in either After Effects CC 2014 (13.0) or After Effects CC (12.2.1), I get the following results:

                      • Display Color Management enabled, Color Management Quality set to Faster or More Accurate Except for RAM Preview (same meaning in this context): ~11fps
                      • Display Color Management enabled, Color Management Quality set to More Accurate: ~5fps
                      • Display Color Management disabled: 23.976fps (real-time)


                      Under the hood, when Display Color Management is enabled After Effects does an additional color transform of every frame at the time it is displayed. These frames are not cached, the transform happens live at display time. (Note that you can enabled or disable Display Color Management without affecting the state of the comp's image cache; ie., the green bar in the Timeline panel.) This live transformation of the comp is what is impacting the ability to play back the frames in real time. Granted, a 5K R3D in 32bpc frame is almost a worst-case scenario in terms of memory and performance, but it shows the limits of the machine.


                      You can compensate for the memory usage with the same techniques that you usually would: reducing the RAM preview resolution or frame rate in the Preview panel, or reducing the color depth. Sounds like you're already doing that.


                      When using Mercury Transmit for video preview, something similar happens: After Effects does a live transformation of the video frame for the Mercury Transmit device, which can be even more complex due to scaling and/or frame rate limitations. Add color management to that and you get a double-whammy.

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                        Hi, i've seen this thread hasn't been updated for a while so i would like to jump in hoping some news can arise.
                        I'm in the same situation as the OP, my actual configuration is a maxed out new mac pro 2013 (top procs, top ram, top videocards) but not matter what, as soon as i try to output to an external monitor (in my case with a blackmagic ultrastudio mini monitor) in a color managed AE project, the ram preview starts to choke. On the info tab it doesn't say a thing about not realtime playback (as it used to when comps/effects/resolution/memory start to be too heavy)

                        Even with the simplest and lighter footage, 8bit depth project, if i just turn on color management (with/without even linearize working space) my ram preview gets hiccups. As soon as i toggle it off, it works like a charm.

                        I welcomed the arrival of the mercury transmit so much because before i couldn't use a linearize working space at all (not lut on output devices), but it seems it is again (almost) useless to me.

                        I know the problem is within after effects because nuke and resolve doesn't have this issue at all, same footage, same cards, same monitors.

                        Sometimes i feel like i'm the only one working with a linear workflow in after effects.

                        I hope someone can at least say if the problem is on my side and not within the software.

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                          JR2010 Level 1

                          Kage_maru, I'm having the same issue here as well with AE CC 2014 trying to use linear workflow... it's kinda driving me nuts. I simply can't get good ram previews using linear color space, even turning off the mercury transmit and using my AJA Kona preview plugin is useless.  The kona card obviously can't handle the Linear color space, i can't load a lut and I can't see it in ram preview in realtime.  If I turn off color mangement it works completely fine, no hiccups. Here's my PC Specs:


                          Windows 7 Pro

                          HP Z820 - Intel Xeon CPU E5-2687W 3.10GHz x2

                          64 GB ram

                          Nvidia Quadro k5000

                          AJA Kona 3

                          Working in Linear Color space I'm finding is very challenging, I just wish I could get a real time ram preview to my external monitor.  I also find turning on color management, regardless of 8bit,16 or 32 is really slowing down my CPU, more then I thought it would.  And it didn't matter if I changed the viewer quality to faster, more accurate except ram preview or more accurate... no difference.


                          So I don't know if it's me and I have something setup wrong, is it the software or both.  Just trying to find a workflow I can live with using color management.

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                            Hi, I'm experiencing the same issues on a macpro (late 2009, 8-core, 32GB RAM, RED 4K footage, 24fps). With color-management and linear workflow (which i need) turned on. My fps on RAM preview drop from 24+ to 3.x  ... is there any chance that changing the graphics card to a more recent one (GTX 9xx) would solve that problem? Thanks for any help on that!

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                              OK. Just having the same problem, but when i turn off Mercury Transit it plays at real-time in comp window but doesn't when Mercury Transit is on.