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    Table cells - Problem with merged cells

    myDavey Level 1


      I was experiencing very weird behavior with my tables until I realized that it was caused by merged cells

      My script gives a dialog which allows the user to choose from which column to start and from which row.

      As the script iterates through the cells in the selection I was getting weird results

      Through using .select() function I was able to see that depending on the column, some times row 5 could be which seems to be row 3!

      The reason was because of merged cells in that row

      I.e., when some cells are merged together, only the first column of those merged cells is recognized - the others are not

      so it comes out that when merging cells from column 3 to 5, column 3 has a cell in that row, columns 4 and 5 do not, and column 6 does!


      Is there a way to get around this behavior?