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    Footage changes when converting CS4 project to CC project


      I have many CS4 projects that I have converted to CC.


      Some of these CS4 projects had footage defined as a subset of images in a folder.  For example:

      Animation_[00000-00089].png = "C:\example\Animation_00000.png" through "C:\example\Animation_00089.png"

      where the folder C:\example contains 500 images (Animation_00000.png through Animation00499.png)


      After converting to CC, the new projects now have the footage defined as ALL of the images in the folder.  So instead of this (CS4):

      Animation_[00000-00089].png = "C:\example\Animation_00000.png" through "C:\example\Animation_00089.png"

      I now have this (CC):

      Animation_[00000-00499].png = "C:\example\Animation_00000.png" through "C:\example\Animation_00499.png"


      Does anyone know a way around this (apart from manually replacing the footage in every project)?

      Alternatively, is there an AEGP API I can use to determine what subset of the footage is used in a given layer (I'm exporting the footage via an AEGP plugin)?