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    toc hyperlinks that don't have target text anchor information

    ahurani Level 1

      I have comped a large book using InDesign was converting the book file to an epub with no problems until I used the TOC feature to generate a TOC. Then, when I saved the book to an epub, I started to get the error message: Found TOC hyperlinks which don't have target text anchor information. Please update TOC with "Make text anchor in source paragraph" option turned on.


      Needless to say, I tried the suggestion. Several times. When that didn't do any good, I went through the manuscript, found all the double blue dots (which only appeared next to the chapter title because that is what I used to generate a TOC), and deleted them. Then I removed the generated TOC and built one by hand. That did not work. I continue to receive this message.Fine.


      So I saved each chapter to epub individually to see if I could find the culprit. Guess what? Not a single chapter nor the TOC had any problems converting to epub. It is only when I use the book panel to export the book as an epub that the problem occurs. Well that's just grand. To go through all that work and it will probably be rejected by Nook and Kindle because of this error message which I can't eradicate no matter what I do.


      Do I want to recomp the entire book from scratch? No. Will I do it if I have to? Yes. One thing is certain. I will never again use the TOC feature when I am preparing a book for epub publication.


      So, is there any way to find which hyperlink is causing the problem? Is there any way to find the hyperlinks at all short of searching every line of every single chapter (which, come to think of it, is what I've already done to no avail)? Yes I tried the search function and looked for the character style Hyperlinks, but there was no option for searching for generated hyperlinks or TOC hyperlinks, and they don't show up in the Hyperlinks panel.


      It would really be nice if instead of an error message that says, "Oh guess what, you've got a problem but we're not going to tell you where it is occurring or give you any way to find it," the error message said, "Go to page 539 and delete the hyperlink you didn't realize you added when you were dinking around." Now that would be helpful.


      Any help on this issue before it causes permanent mental damage would be very much appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Well, it's probably too late to prevent mental damage, but if you're on

          InDesign CC or higher, there is now a way to save you having to manually

          search all your chapters for those blue dots that indicate a hyperlink

          destination -- or at least, all those that are hanging around doing

          nothing: In the flyout menu of the hyperlinks panel, select "Delete

          Unused Destination."


          If that alone doesn't solve your problem, there are other options there

          (reset hyperlink, update hyperlink) that might be of some value.

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            ahurani Level 1



            You're probably right. The damage was done long ago.


            I am working in CC. I did try the Delete Unused and it did remove those pesky blue dots. I deleted the generated TOC. Unfortunately, I still get the error message, even if I make the epub without including the Contents page.


            Reset and update were grayed out so I could not use them


            If I ever find a solution, I'll be back to let anyone know who is having the same problem.


            Thank you for your time and suggestion.

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              Dennis Whitehead Level 1

              I am having all kinds of problems with TOC links and your discussion is where Adobe Tech Support sent this loyal CC subscriber.


              I have a 340-page book that is, essentially, one threaded document with 24 chapters. First, I manually set up a Table of Contents and that actually linked OK but one link, in particular, was incomplete. Chapter One stopped just short of the page number.

              adobe 4.png

              I've tried everything in terms of deleting, rewriting, cutting, pasting, and creating a new TOC using the TOC function. The results are always the same, with some variations to the worse.


              When trying to create a TOC via InDesign, it grabs everything preceding the TOC and links to the text thread. I've tried setting it up as its own text frame but it refuses.


              This, as well as the cryptic message: "Index Page entry not found: 54" and iBook's Book Proofer refusal to scan the EPUB as it's "encrypted," which it's not, stand in the way of releasing the book.


              many thanks for any help and guidance.

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                imichaelgrossman Level 1

                There is no question that there is something wrong ... a bug ...with TOC exports. I also get the missing hyperlink export no matter what I do. I've manually set up a TOC, I've placed one with the Make Anchor in Source Paragraph turned on" Nothing works.

                I hope Adobe gets to this soon and fixes it. Michael