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    Mouse Events in DataGridColumn

    scooter5791 Level 1
      I am sure this is very simple but I can't quite figure it out. I really wish that as I look through the Flex LiveDocs that each class property, method etc. would have a basic example of code showing the usage. Definite wish list item for me - docs for other technologies have this included usually.

      Anyway, I am simply listing headline items from a rss feed in a DataGrid. All I want is to be able to double-click the headline in the dataGridColumn and navigate to the link. I know how to do the navigation but the DataGridColumn doesn't have any mouse event attributes like buttons and linkButtons do (click="...", mouseOver="...", etc.). Can someone show me how I can add a listener and trigger this?

      While I'm at it, how can I listen for rollOver in the DataGridColumn to change the ugly blue rollover color to something a little more appealing that goes with my interface colors?