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    Taming the AE 3D enviroment...


      Hi there,


      First of all, sorry for my crappy english. I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to use efficiently layers in 3d  in after effects. I'm working on a tricky shot (a long steady cam shot turning around two actors) and one of my task is remove some pesky things comming in and out, like lamps in the ceiling and air conditioning openings. I tracked the scene with the build in camera tracker to fit layers on the spots to remove, but I'm having hard times trying to move the stuff around. The objects translation data displays a 6 digit coordinates and if I try to move the thins around they barely moves, also with the shift pressed. Can't edit positon numerically because the layer's position atributes don't match the axis in the view! The Any idea? I can reset the coordinate system? I can use real units?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If I understand your shot problems correctly then a simple 2D track using mocha to cover the flaws would be a better fit than trying to do things with AE's Camera Tracker.


          Did you set a ground plane and origin with the Camera Tracker? This makes manipulating things in the scene much easier.

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            Nutritivo Level 1

            Thanks Rick for the sugestions!. With mocha pro maybe, the removal tool is useful, but in AE I need more than a mask to efectively removal the things. This workflow is now for me. In other times I would have done the track in machmover and set a nice 3d scene in maya with camera mapped clean plates in the conflictive places and then import the scene to my compositing software, but I'm a freelancer now... no machmover, no maya, no nuke... I'm quite happy with AE, but the camera tracker is kinda basic. Nice, almost magical for some shots, but falls short to complex ones. I'also tryed the foundry camera tracker trial, but its unstable and crashes in the track solving. Now I'm doing some roto work to remove the last details, but I'll try to set a proper ground plane in the next shot. Thanks!