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    Remote Remoting?

      This may be a silly question, but doing remoting in good old Flash, it was possible to do really "remote" remoting - for example, creating a flash-based desktop application with flash remoting that could connect directly to a remote CF server. I know this may be a silly question, but can Flex 2 do the same - connecting to a CF server (ver. 7.0.2 of course) using remoting, rather than through a wsdl address?

      I'm just starting a Flex 2 project that may go both desktop and web, and am deciding between remoting and webservice as the communication method.

      Thanks for any assistance with this!

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          The remoting features of Flex are nearly the same that the ones with Flash Remoting. For example, you can use Flex RemoteObjects to connect to Coldfusion CFCs using AMF messages. The serialization and deserialization processes required by WebServices makes them a bad choice. SOAP messages are heavy XML dataflows, their parsing dramatically decrease performance.
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            Thanks. I suspected that it would work the same - just wanted to see if i was on the right path. I avoid web services as much as possible due to the speed issue.