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    Question about sequential Png images optimization


      Hello. I am using Flash Pro CS6 and Action Script 3.


      Right now I am making a flash animation that uses lots of transparent png images.

      And those bitmap images needs tons of memory resources to use,so I have to think about optimization.

      Right now I made animation using After Effects and exported them as sequential png images and imported them into Adobe Flash Pro.


      For example, I try to make a facial animation(this is just an example, My project is much more complicated than this.) and I set the document size of flash file to 1024x1024.It's going to animate, so I need to separate eye-brow, eye balls, nose, mouth and base head. It's just like this image below.



      and separate all parts like those images

      1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

      Each parts have an individual animation. I made them in After Effects and export them into Adobe Flash Pro, but as you can see there are lots of transparent areas, Reddish pink areas are transparent areas. I needed to have transparent areas because it tells me X and Y coordination. I just place those 1024x1024 png files in movie clip symbols and it remakes the After Effects facial animation in Adobe Flash Pro.


      I think those transparent areas eats up memory resources.

      So I have a question. Do I need to remove those transparent areas? If so, how do you know precise coordination to build them up again in Adobe Flash Pro? And if you think much better ways to deal with  sequential png images in Adobe Flash Pro, please tell me. Thank you.