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    Flash Professional CS5 running very laggy on new pc


      1st time asking a question here so please be patient with me if I'm asking in the wrong place.


      Basically I bought a new computer with Win 8 64-bit, AMD A8-6500 quad core @ 3.5ghz w/ Radeon onboard HD graphics, 8gb of RAM. My old laptop was an i5 with 4gb of RAM and 512mb of dedicated video memory, ran Flash CS5 with no problems.


      So I install CS5 on my new computer, and it's really laggy...and when I say "laggy", there's a noticeable 1-4 or 5 seconds where I have to hold down the mouse button for it to register what I'm clicking on - worse if I'm zoomed in. I think I had this problem once or twice on my old laptop and it was because I had an issue with system resources, but this computer's about 2 weeks old and I only use it for work (I'm a Realtor so outside of emailing or filling out contracts, that's about it). For those wondering why I use Flash to begin with (since one would correctly assume that 90% of all Realtors can barely open their email), I use Flash because I draw/voice/animate cartoons as a hobby and Flash has been my go-to for all my content.


      So I don't really know where to start trying to tweak things to get this running smoothly. I feel like 8gb of RAM is more than enough for what I'm doing, even with the onboard graphics sapping away RAM when it's needed (max amount it can share is a little over 4gb). Or maybe it isn't...I'm not totally sure just how much of a resource hog Windows 8 is. I also think that for now, the onboard graphics should be enough. I do have plans to upgrade both the RAM and add a dedicated video card in the next 60 days, but the summer is my busiest time of year for my job and I just don't have a lot of time to mess around with it, so I'd love to try and do something that'll temporarily help until I get around to buying the new components. Or if this isn't even a system resource issue, I'd love to find that out now before I blow $100+.


      So, if anybody has any suggestions, I'm all open to them and I hugely appreciate anybody's help!