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    Adobe Flash CC 2014 Code Hint - Unable to build code hint cache...

    Ylazy Level 1

      Hello! I just downloaded and tried to use Flash CC 2014. Code Hinting doesn't work! So I tried some way to bring it back. And the following solution worked:

      1. Quit Flash

      2. Delete Code Hint Folder: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CC 2014\en_US\Configuration\CodeModel

      3. Open Flash and create a new document. Edit => Preferences => Code Editor. Change "Cache Files" to 1500

      4. write: import<space>

      You should see that warning: "Building Code Hint Cache...". If not, press Ctrl + <Space>

      5. Wait 1 minute and enjoy your code hinting


      Hope this help for someone...

      (Sorry for my poor English)