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    Merge all objects into one

    straightlife Level 1

      A vendor (bookbaby) is preparing an epub from my pdf file exported from indesign.

      Trouble is, their process doesn't keep captions and photos together.

      I've now outlined the text in the caption -- and the numbers overlaid on the collage (in indesign), and I've surrounded the. picture with an outline, but the captions, outline, and photo are still all separate.

      If I export the indesign photo page as a pdf, open it in photoshop, and flatten it in photoshop and bring it back into indesign, it's all one picture

      I have 82 photos with captions.  Surely there's an easier way?


      Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 7.42.10 PM.png

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          tman69 Level 3

          according to the 'bookbaby' website...


          Exporting from InDesign:

          When exporting to PDF from InDesign it’s important you select “Adobe PDF (Interactive)”. Once you hit the save button, it’ll move on to a bigger window with more options. At this point you only need to make sure that “Image Quality” is set to “Best” and DPI is set to “144”.

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            straightlife Level 1

            Thanks, but I know all that.  The problem is that they separate the captions from the images. I can turn the captions into images by outlining, but I can't merge both the photos and the captions together without an elaborate export/ import.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Do you have InDesign CC 2014? If so, have you tried exporting a Fixed Layout EPUB file?


              These videos show how it works:


              How to design fixed layout EPUB | Adobe InDesign CC tutorials

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                straightlife Level 1

                Thanks, but don't want fixed layout. I have a lot of older readers who need what Kindle and Nook offer in terms of manipulating text. For Kindle I need Mobi, and Amazon has zero support for that. I have tried and tried to export an epub from indesign, but no luck. half the photos don't even show up.  I'll look at the video but I'm really frustrated at this point.

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                  Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  @straightlife – as I understand, you are preparing PDFs.
                  Do you have Acrobat Pro and Illustrator at hand?


                  Make sure that Illustrator have access to all fonts used in your InDesign document.


                  If yes, you could export to PDF from InDesign as usual. No transparency reduction needed.

                  Open the PDF in Acrobat Pro.
                  Select all vector graphics and text layered on the images. Do NOT select the images.

                  Use the "Touch Up Object Tool" in Acrobat Pro.
                  Right click and chose "Edit Object…".


                  Illustrator will open the selected objects.


                  Use the Illustrator feature for rendering objects to pixel images "Convert To Image" (I'm on a German version of Illustrator so the name of the feature could be a bit different). You can set resolution, color space, smoothing (antializing) and transparent background there.


                  Do a Save. NOT a Save As.

                  The rendered image will be written back to Acrobat Pro.

                  Now it could be, that parts of the rendered image are obscured by other images on the page due to stacking order. If so, cut the image, paste the image. Then the rendered image should be on top. Because you have chosen "Transparent Background" when rendering the image in Illustrator, all should be well now.


                  Save the PDF with a new name.


                  I'm not sure, if the ePub service is now able to convert that ok. But it is worth a try.
                  Is that an easier way than rendering images and captions in PhotoShop? Maybe not.



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                    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    "Edit Object…" could also work, if images plus captions are selected in Acrobat Pro.
                    Maybe that's better, because it will be rendered as one image instead of many images layered together.


                    Downside: Smoothing of vector graphics and fonts during rendering in Illustrator will affect images too.