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    Frequent Fails when installing Adobe Flash Player (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.0, and Windows 8.1)

    billnew Level 1

      Constantly see the following error message from Adobe Flash Player Installer:


      Error has been encountered. Close this window and try downloading again.


      What in heck does that error message mean?


      This message occurs most of the time when I try to update to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.


      It would be one thing if it was only occurring on Windows XP, but it shows up on Windows 7, Windows 8.0, and Windows 8.1 frequently.


      Just for curiousity looked at the Windows 8.1 Event Viewer and NO error message shows up there.


      Would be nice to:


      (1) know what the error really is so that it can be reported to you to get it fixed once and for all.


      (2) have Adobe Flash Installer NOT to delete itself every time that the installer is run.


      (3) have an OFFLINE download installer to download and install Adobe Flash Player without the MacAfee installer.


      (4) have Adobe UNCHECK that the Install MacAfee installer that you have to opt out of each time you do an Adobe Flash Player download. You should make it to OPT IN not OPT OUT! Don't need another program installed without my permission. This causes issues when I have to uninstall MacAfee on computers that others in my family use.


      It seems to takes up to 20 times to download the Adobe installer over a period of many days or weeks to get it to install properly.


      I have written software for over 36 years as a computer programmer and now Senior Software Developer. I have do installers on my own and have to figure out how to solve my own issues on the installers to get them fixed.


      This issue doesn't seem to be tied to any particular version of Windows... Same issue occurs on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.0, and Windows 8.1! The ONLY commonality seems to be Adobe Flash Player.


      Certainly Adobe should be smart enough to fix this issue once and for all.


      If the issue is that there is a network congestion error that it cannot download the installer, please say so and please please please DO NOT delete the downloaded installer every time that it is run on a PC.


      I'd like to fix the security issues with the Adobe Flash Player AS SOON as there is a patch for it. I don't like having security issues over a long period of time.


      Please address this issue so that I can put this to bed and not have to keep sending you messages that once again the Adobe Flash Player Installer is yet again broken!


      Certainly you have a staff at Adobe that CAN fix this problem quickly!