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    ProgressBar used to Preload FLV video

      Okay I have a normal flash Professional 8 flash document with 2 layers

      Basically what happens when i test the movie and set it to simulate download is a blank (white screen) for ages (presumably whilst its loading the video) then the ProgressBar appears with a blink of an eye and then disapears and the video plays. The ProgressBar does seem to animate if you look closely but its only there for a split second.

      Why do i get a blank screen?

      Do i need to Preload the ProgressBar to make it come up first so people can actually see it?

      What am i doig wrong?

      Here is the set up below:

      1 layer has a FLV movie with a FLVPlayback component so the user can control the playback. This FLV has an instance name of mclip

      the other layer has the ProgressBar component with an instance name of my_pb

      the Parameters of the ProgressBar component are:
      Conversion: 1
      Direction right
      label: LOADING%3%%
      labelPlacement: bottom
      mode: polled
      source: this._parent.mclip

      and the ProgressBar instance has this actionscript attached to hide it once its finished loading:

      on (complete) {