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    migrate workspace

    GapingWound Level 1

      Just updated from CC to CC 2014. How in the hell do I copy my workspace over? I modified the Essentials workspace to put my palettes on my side monitors and rather than perform this tedious task by hand again, I'd rather just migrate my workspace from CC to CC 2014 (Why in the hell doesn't it do this automatically?!?). I have tried copying the essentials file from the photoshop cc settings folder to the photoshop cc 2014 settings folder and that didn't work. I deleted the essentials.psw file from the workspaces (modified) directory and replaced it and that didn't work. How the hell do I copy it and why doesn't it do that automatically? I can't think of a single instance where I'm upgrading software and I'd prefer it to overwrite my completely personalized settings with bone stock options.