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    How to install PhoneGap Build for Dreamweaver CC 2014?

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      I originally posted this to the PhoneGap Build forum but it occurred to me that it is more of a Dreamweaver problem.


      Creative Cloud helpfully installed the latest version of Dreamweaver for me (CC 2014). When I click on the PhoneGap Build Service menu item (under Site) I get a message that it is now an add-on I have to install. I eventually end up at this page - https://creative.adobe.com/addons/pro... with absolutely no clue on how to download or install it. The only useful-looking link on the page: 'Get this Add-on for CS6' just takes me around in a big circle back to this page. What am I missing? The troubleshooting tips under 'Where to find it' just say 'If you have followed the instructions shown...'. What instructions? Where?