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    InDesign CC & 2014 not working since recent update!


      I have just updated my entire suite to the latest CC and downloaded the 2014 versions. InDesign is now not working - both CC and 2014. It starts up and immediately crashes saying 'Adobe Indesign CC has stopped working.'
      I am a freelancer and this is crippling my business as I cannot get anything done. I am running Windows 8.1, have 16GB RAM, i7 processor - my computer is not the issue. This only started after the update. I have searched for answers and tried running the program as an administrator (didn't help), I have signed out of my cloud account several times and signed back in (didn't help), I have deleted the preferences as InDesign started (didn't help).

      It is happening on both my desktop PC and my laptop. I also see that people have uninstalled and reinstalled with no success. Please please please can you help me.