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    Adobe Edge Animate CC / 2014: Saving issue, program locks up when saving or Save-As

    Shaun@Twist Level 1

      Edge Animate CC (and CC 2014)  regularly freezes up when I hit save or save-as.


      When the programs does save without crashing/freezing it goes through a nail-biting screen flickering sequence, the mouse becomes inactive, the warning ‘( Not Responding)’ appears momentarily in the programme  bar, then the mouse becomes active again


      Also  as the project grew the programme became slow to respond when designing.


      The only way I can make any progress is to do incremental save-as every 10mins and half expect to loose what I’ve just worked on.

      I’ve tried updating from CC to CC 2014 , same issue.

      My system

      Alienware  Aurora R4
      Win 7 Pro

      Intel Core i7 3.60GHz
      16GB ram
      1TB HDD
      250BG SSD

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.