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    ID CC 2014 UI Size

    Cyndee M Level 1

      In the past versions, the UI (palette sizes,titles, menu items, etc.) were always way too small. Now they are huge. Is there an in between? Can these items now be adjusted in ID CC 2014?

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          rajsre Adobe Employee

          Win or Mac?

          If Win: please check the "set custom text size (dpi)" of the display.

          Screen resolution > Make text and other items larger or smaller > what is the % setting here?

          If it is 125%, please try setting it to 124% by clicking "Set custom text size (dpi)" on left pane.

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            Cyndee M Level 1

            Win, and that did fix it. It is now the same size as ID CC. However, what I'd really like to do is make it something in between the too -- I find the CC interface too small. Is it possible to adjust the size in CC 2014? And why in the world would such a strange fix be needed?

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              rajsre Adobe Employee

              The Win HiDPI support now scales ID UI to 150% as the first scale level over 100%. There is no support for 125% in current release, or for any other intermediary scale levels other than 150% and 200%.

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                I agree. At my monitor's highest resolution capability (920x1080) with text and other items increased to 125% (which is comfortable for viewing ALL other applications on my system) InDesign and Illustrator's UIs are HUGE with very little room for the actual artwork, Photoshop on the other hand it still too tiny to comfortably view.

                So, to make InDesign and Illustrator look halfway normal, I have to drop my screen resolution down to 1600x900.


                I would really like to see the three applications consistent in their UIs and also a better way to compensate for resolution and large monitors (and aging eyesight ).

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                  Cyndee M Level 1

                  Personally, what I'd really like is for each application to have its own adjustable UI settings.