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    Severe Slow Down in After Effect CC 2014 (Version 13.0)

    jagfan8 Level 1

      Anyone else experiencing severe slow downs with the newest After Effects CC 2014 (version 13.0)? It's good for about 20-30 minutes for me before it starts caching in the background and playback becomes too stuttery to be usable. Rather, the scrub tool becomes very slow and RAM previews often give me an error saying it needs "2 frames or more." My workaround has been to quit and restart in intervals. I have disk caching enabled (I've tested it turned off and had the same result). I've emptied the disk cache, cleaned the database & cache - the whole cha-bang. My media cache is directly on my system drive, which is SSD based. The drive is 500GB and I have about 140GB free at the moment. I also found that the Render Frame Simultaneously checkbox performed about the same with it checked or not checked. I tried migrating my settings from a previous version but still had the same problems. Included my memory and multiprocessor settings if that's any help.Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 4.46.38 PM.png

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          jagfan8 Level 1

          Disregard, looks like my energy settings had been changed to the default setting so automatic graphics switching was left on. Probably explains why I was only able to go for 20 mins or so before the "switch" occurred.

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            David Flannery Level 1

            Glad to see you may have figured it out. You ended with a disregard, but I am curious as to whether you are in fact back to full performance? I am having the same issue on a new Mac Pro - as are many with their macs who are getting sluggish performance using AE CC2014. Did you find a setting in preferences that works?

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              jagfan8 Level 1

              Actually, I stand corrected, I thought I had resolved it but it's still been sluggish for me as well. My workaround has just been to stop what I'm doing and restart AE every 20 minutes or so because the program becomes so slow. I've messed around with all the settings in my preferences but keep getting the same end result.

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                Abalard Level 1

                I wonder if I have a similar problem, I have had some trouble with After Effects render it starts out fast and becomes very slow after a while (never timed how long) right now its rendering 10 hours for a 4min HD prorez green screen clip to H264. With just one Keyer and some color enhancement. before it was done very fast now I have to render to frames and quit every once in a while, its almost like there is a buffer filling up somewhere. (I have a , 6 core I7, 24GB, Quadro 4000) its using 19GB during render but only 10% of my processors capability. the computer is on high performance.


                Any thoughts 

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                  David Flannery Level 1

                  I wondered about that. That's why I asked. Something is definitely wrong and it started with CC2014 - I've never had issues like this before. I am weighing uninstalling and going back to CC until the bugs are worked out or until there's a current 2014 manual as to how to adjust todays stuff for todays software. Fortunately I edit on FCPX, but I prefer AfterEffects over Motion for compositing and multi-layered effects and text treatments. Stay tuned I guess.

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                    jagfan8 Level 1

                    I should note that I had some computer work done on my Macbook Pro recently. I got the spinning pinwheel (of death) while running Premiere CC, AE CC, and Photoshop CC all at once (something I regularly did without any severe consequences until then). I restarted my computer multiple times but kept getting the spinning pinwheel on startup. Fortunately, I was able to backup all my data via Time Machine when I rebooted in Safe Mode. Took my Macbook Pro to the Apple store and they had to completely wipe the drive and reinstall OSX.


                    I put all the data back via Time Machine but noticed that my system preferences went back to the default settings. I've tried to change them back one-by-one but there may be some I'm overlooking. Furthermore, I never had the CC 2014 version installed until after the computer work...so maybe AE CC 2014 is the culprit?

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I am running cc 14 on a brand-new MacBook Pro R with no apparent problems. Have you checked the activity monitor to see what is hanging up? That is the first place I would look.


                      OS X 10.9.4

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                        David Flannery Level 1

                        Hi Rick - I know your response was to benavilez, but wanted to ask you if you had to update any settings in AfterEffects CC2014 preferences compared with previous versions? (Or perhaps you did it for CC and it held for 2014?).  I would be new to Activity Monitor as I've not had a performance loss like this. But I did just launch it per your post. I also launched AE CC2014 and opened a project that was sluggish this past week. Its a converted project  from previous version, but well cleaned up (I reduced it and it's not that 'heavy').


                        I noticed CPU %Activity running in the area of 114% - 189% of CPU when scrubbing in the timline.  I don't have a frame of reference for those numbers - other than in life, going 89% over 100% isn't usually a good thing. However, the load graph looks benign - like it's not being overloaded or anything.


                        Memory: Before launch, it says I'm suing 5.85GB of of my 16GB RAM. When I start simply dragging the playhead across the AE timeline while holding command key (scrubbing audio and video) - Memory Used goes as high as 15.99 of my 16GB available which seem strange given that in my preferences, I've allowed 6GB allotted for other programs, 10GB for AfterEffects.


                        If I look to purge "all memory and disk cache" - The amount I could purge is up to 18GB after a couple of minutes of just scrubbing fast to do this test.


                        Regardless, CC prior was running beautifully and CC2014 'as-is' does not. The audio scrubbing is less clear as well...though I noticed you can up the bitrate to get better scrubbing - something I didn't have to do prior. I have tried many settings - such as unchecking  "render multiple frames simultaneously" and it seemed to improve, but not really.Cache.jpgMem & Multi.jpg

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                          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                          Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 7.30.00 AM.png


                          Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 7.32.40 AM.png

                          Notice the actual CPU's that will be used for MP rendering. You have 5 CPU's that are not allocated to anything at all when you are running AE. I have all 8 allocated and for HD projects, 1.5GB per frame is just fine. If I have a memory hog of a project I"ll change the RAM allocation to 2 GB and set 4 CPU's for other apps leaving me 4 for MP rendering. It you have a project that will benefit from multiprocessor rendering make sure that you don't starve your system by allocating too much memory to each processor.

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                            jagfan8 Level 1

                            Thanks for the Activity Monitor tip, Rick! So what I've discovered is that AE runs fine until either the RAM usage is nearly maxed out on my computer or if it nears the maxed out amount I allocate in Memory & Multiprocessing. Without a hitch, the program gets to about the 20 minute mark and gets sluggish. Looks like I have numerous programs running in the background that are very low in RAM usage...but I'm sure those all add up fast.


                            Here's how things looked when I first begin using the program.

                            Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 3.27.48 PM.png

                            If I limit the RAM usage in AE, computer RAM will be fine but the program becomes sluggish, probably because I'm rationing the RAM.

                            Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 4.14.31 PM.png

                            On the flip side, if I give AE free reign (13GB is the limit on my MBP) with the RAM, it maxes out.

                            Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 4.57.22 PM.png

                            AE seems to perform at its best when I allocate the full 13GB. I also noticed that Virtual Memory seems to exceed Physical Memory after a certain point so maybe that's a factor too?

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                              David Flannery Level 1

                              Thank you Rick. I have changed the the cpu's reserved for other applications to 2 and RAM allocation to 1.5 GB/CPU just like yours. It wanted to be 6 actual CPU's to be used - until I reduced the RAM allocation at the top of the window to 4GB. To get it to 5 actual CPUs like yours, I walked the RAM allocation for other apps back to 6GB. Now I am matched to your settings. I'll see how this plays for awhile. I'm curious - you say you've had no apparent problems - is yours just screaming fast with no difficulties at all - and performance better/rivals previous versions? I just updated Cloud this weekend - one of the features will allow you to have older versions running next to old ones  - so I may re-download the CC that was working great with no tinkering on my part. I don't mind having to go in like a true pro and fine tune things, but I still want to know why something that worked so effortlessly before now requires forums to figure out settings. Very grateful for your sharing information Rick. I'll be staying tuned to this and other forums. If I learn anything I'll pass it along.

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                                federatedfilms Level 1

                                Having similar issue with AE CC 2014, just rendered a 50 fps 1280x8720 ProRes 422 HQ video clip with a bit of Tilt Shift effect added, so nothing too hard, on my 12 core 16GB Mac pro, took it 37 minutes to produce 93 frames!


                                Under Activity Monitor the CPU never goes about 100% on After Effects, this used to go up to 1,000%, I also tried it via Media Encoder and the same, nothing about 100% CPU usage.


                                I also get this error when starting AE CC 2014 and Premiere pro CC 2014 is running, I did not get this before for my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2048 MB


                                "The GPU-accelerated ray-traced 3D renderer does not have enough free video memory (VRAM) to operate. The ray traced 3D renderer will use the CPU"


                                If only AE is running I do not get this message, but the render time is the same!


                                Now I'm not using the ray traced engine, but I'm wondering if this is the cause of the slow down, the GPU is no longer being used to help?

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                                  I have found that rendering to any sort of quicktime wrapper seems to extend render time dramatically, yesterday i set up a render that was on multiprocessing, outputting a set of targas, a h264, and a quictime on animation settings to find that it took 9 hours to render (Ha, what a joke for 125 frames). Today i did the same render but only output the targa sequence and it took 1 hour 20 min. It seems that it gets all messed up if it can't flush itself after each frame like when it has to put together a movie rather than a sequence. Another test was a different 125 frame render to H264 took 1 hour 13min, when i do the same render and only output a sequence it only takes 17 min.

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                                    Hi Guys, I found that after doing some research and finding another forum in regards to this matter, i think i resolved the problem of rendering on my system. When you create a composition you need to go to the advanced settings and disable the raytraced option for Classic 3D option. My card is not supported by AfterEffects for GPU options, therefore i have to let the CPU do the work. Once i changed this, a render that was taking me, over an hour to complete, was completed in 30 seconds. Good luck, hope it works for you.

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                                      NordicFilmworks Level 1

                                      Still having the slow AE CC 2014 problem on my mac pro.

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                                        Also having 2 Frames error pop up when I try to render a playback of my timeline. This is really annoying when I'm trying to complete jobs.