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    Why does CC Status say "normal" when it is not?


      Why does the Creative Cloud Status report "operating normally" when it clearly is not?


      I have not been able to use my CC apps that are installed on my computer since Friday, June 21, 2014. Apparently, I'm not alone.


      When I launch an app, it diverts me to a screen asking for me to renew my subscription, which is up-to-date and shown to be "active" on another screen. On the screen that reports my account is active, clicking continue returns me to the "renew your subscription" screen.


      Adobe has confirmed to me that this is an issue on their back-end authentication server. Their customer support personnel have been nice in responding to me and even calling me on Monday and Tuesday. They say that my issue has been escalated. I fail to see any evidence of that, since this issue is so integral to a cloud service.


      Looking around at other threads, I'm not alone in having authentication issues that are due to Adobe servers.


      A cloud service must be reliable in authenticating paid subscribers. If it is not authenticating every user's account accurately, then it is not operating normally. Is anyone at Adobe other than the customer support reps aware of this issue and paying attention to it?