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    ASDoc Error on AIR

    arvindSPS Level 1



      I am trying to generate a asdoc file from the FlashBuilder 4.5 using FlexSDK 4.5 & AIRSDK 3.1 with query


      When I am applying following command

      asdoc -library-path+=C:\ProjectName\libs -doc-sources C:\ProjectName\src -main-title "Flex API Documentation" -window-title "Flex API Documentation" -output C:\Documentation\U7


      I got following error for the Windowed application, FileSystem and other AIR component error.


      E.g. 1. Error: Unable to locate specified base class 'spark.components.Window' for component class

             2. Access of undefined property FileMode.

                                              fileMode = (clear ? FileMode.WRITE:FileMode.APPEND);



      Can anyone please help me in this.