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    How can I get the search function to work in IE 11?

    barbara.seddon Level 1



      I have RoboHelp 10 and am producing webhelp output.


      I have an issue currently where the search function will not work properly in IE 11. If I search, it just hangs without returning any matches at all. I have noticed this is most likely to happen with very commonly occurring words that are used through the help project (it is a large project). If I search on less commonly occurring words, I am more likely to have results returned.


      One of my users says he gets the following script shown at the end of the browser help page when it has hung for a while without returning anything:


      "% remains at 0%, IE message  finally displays that webcoretest-2k8  is failing to respond and IE status bar contains 'javascript:void(0);"


      This problem does not occur in Chrome or Firefox, however, we need our customers to be able to use IE.