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    loadMovie Issue

      Hey all,

      I am having trouble loading external swf's in my main swf using actionscript. My entire project is set up in 7 different swf's, one of which is the driver for the project. I have 7 buttons in each swf that loads it's respective movie. This work just fine and everything displays but I noticed that if I was to load a swf, say swf1, that had links to other places (other than the 7 swf's) then loaded one that did not, say swf2, that you could click where the link had been previously on swf1 on swf2 and it would open the link from the previous swf (swf1). Does this make sense to anyone? Maybe it has something to do with levels or not unloading the movies? I did not use loadmovieNum(), so they should all be in level 0. Unsure what the process is on loading and unloading movies externally, could someone give me some more insight on the basic process one would use to load external swf's? I am using a blank mc to load all of these and it exists in each swf. Example of the code I have:

      on (press){

      Seems simple. I played around with putting each swf on its on level, but I am unsure if I set it up right or how to unload properly so that one could go back in levels, etc.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      - Harper