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    Flash CS3 Default.xml not found, can't open any windows!


      So, here's the story. I am now running CC, but I have a very old Flash file that needs to be updated that uses action script 2. I still have a version of CS3 on my computer, but I get this error when I try to open a file:


      The following panel layout is missing or could not be read:

      /Applications/Adobe Flash CS3/Configuration/Workspace/Default.xml

      The application will not have a correct layout. Please load one from Windows—>Workspace Layout


      I click ok, the file opens, but I am unable to get any of my windows (layer, properties, etc) to appear, and Windows—>Workspace Layout does not exist as far as I can see. The last time I opened this program was probably a few years ago. (Not sure if this is relevant, but I recently got a new hard drive, upgraded to Mavericks, and migrated all the files & folders back to this computer with migration assistant) I just need to make some really quick adjustments to this old flash website, please help!